Beautiful Stockholm "Je me suis dit que le bonheur on ne le sait qu'après; on ne sait jamais qu'on est en train de le vivre, contrairement à la douleur” * I closed the book and let myself be distracted by the scene outside; the sun in all its splendor was awakening the good moods of... Continue Reading →

A year today

This morning Facebook reminded me that it’s been a year since I started this blog. I am not gonna lie, I felt a little proud of myself. It is crazy how time flies and how much changes within a year. I wrote what became my first post The sky, the night and the words in... Continue Reading →

26: Le petit chapitre sur l’amour

"Il y a une autre présence humaine chez moi… une présence masculine. IL Y A UN MEC DANS MA CHAMBRE!" La présence humaine masculine en question est assise au bureau occupée sur l’ordi pendant que moi, perdue dans mes pensées, suis assise sur le lit adossée à une grosse pile de coussins. Embriágame de Zion... Continue Reading →

What to be thankful for about 2016?

In my early teenage years I started feeling very uncomfortable living at home. By the time I turned 18, during my gap year, I felt completely suffocated. Of course the teenage hormones were for something but there were other factors and all I wanted was to leave, go somewhere else and only come back for... Continue Reading →

If you can relate…

It's 01:00 and you are wide awake. You're unsuccessfully trying to create imaginary, soothing scenarios in your head to calm your soul and chase insomnia. For the last few minutes you are fighting the urge to go and binge drink the wine on the shelf, lately the only thing able to get you some sleep.... Continue Reading →

All we’ve got are moments…

My sweet love, I have been alright, just shed a tear for the world. Sometimes I wish that your beautiful words and those eyes that give me the thrills could stop me from feeling so overcome by all the pain I get to see everyday. Weeks ago I was with my friend, a young, energetic,... Continue Reading →

The hand at the edge

If you are reading this it means you are still breathing Here we go again, same place, same feelings. I cannot count the number of times I have been here. Am I scared? Only God knows! Insomnia, a pimple here and there, mood swings and the precious wine always by my side of course. Have... Continue Reading →

The night I…

                                                                           Photo: Pinterest.com I wanted to breathe To step out of my skin and stretch A clear-headed reality was too... Continue Reading →

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